"I have different and independent mind. Because I’m not like the other people, sometimes they just can not understand what i do, what i say, what i mean, what i explain, what i understand, and what’s my perspective about this world and the universe."


I believe that everything happened for a reason. Yes, nature’s laws never tell lies, and for millions years we’ve lived through a natural selection.

So here’s one of my thought in the middle of the night.

Once, or more exactly several times, i heard some people give some statements more or less like these “the dumb one will be more successful than the smart one in future”, or “the lazy one will be the boss of the genius” or whatever…

So here’s my question : “Successful? by what kinda point of view is it? Whose definition is that?”. Or in the cool way, i would rather say “which one is which?”..

I think the answer would be so simple “by a definition of our society”, which nowadays, our society are keep assuming that one’s richness is the only main parameter of a success. Yes, it’s true. I can’t deny it. But I’ll totally deny it if you assume that ‘money’ is the definition behind the ‘richness’ in this context. So here’s my further explanation. I think fundamental values of a person are come from his contibutions, his experiences, and most importantly, his knowledges, intelligences, and characters. You know why? Because money can at once buy your clothes, your houses, your cars, your brand new gadgets, but money can not buy a knowledge instantly. Knowledge is always a painful process. You just can buy it only by your own effort, your own brain. Not your money. So i don’t care if the dumb one will have more money than the smart one someday in future. Because once the dumb one gains all of his money, his children will learn how to throw it away. The dumb one never teach about knowledge and character, but instead to teach about arrogance (because that’s the only legacy he’s got). But why do so many genius people keep down to earth? For example, many of genius professors live a simple life and give their dedication for their work, family, and their students as a torch of a science. For another example, Steve jobs actually never beat Bill Gates’ wealth. Even with his wealthy, Gates always spend a large amount of his money for a charity. And i believe, strong people always keep strong because of their power which come from their knowledge and their intellectuality. But the dumb one, just rich for a short period of time before he run out of his money. Or maybe (this sounds more familiar) they’re gonna end their carreer as a corrupter.

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"If you called your undergraduate thesis as “Tugas Akhir”, it doesn’t mean that you have to translate it to English as “Final Project”… That’s weird, you know… Seems like there’ll be no project anymore after your graduation. Meh…."

- Salahin yang ngasih penamaan tugas akhir

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The ESB duel and Luke’s recovery - Art by Ralph McQuarrie

I love this art so much.

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The universe has never been more interesting with Neil Degrasse Tyson guiding through all the wonders of the comsos so get down with science with the king of the cosmos the notorious N.D.T.

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Thomas explains what he loves about science, the puzzle which is never truly solved. It’s not about finding the solution, but about the journey you take.

Watch Thomas’s video here: http://youtu.be/IL5VRLISTs8

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This guy. This is why we SCIENCE, Tumblr. This is why. All the love and support, Thomas, congrats on this wonderful piece! Oh, and for the uninitiated, Thomas = SCIENCEING.